Announcing Debbie as the winner of last week's TEENAGE HEAD Wing Ding Wham Bam Weekend VIP prize pak. Debbie's entry  was the one drawn from the 4 weekly qualifiers from the Bull and Barrel Pub and from the Cookstown Pub.

Watch this week's video, answer the Winning Advantage Question that's in it, and bring you team to the LIVE game of your choice.

Fun and prizes will be in the mix!


Shake the rainy weather blues and lighten up with some LIVE Trivia in Barrie and Innisfil.

Make the sun shine on your team as you grab a free point by answering the Winning Advantage Question in the video.

We have a new Feature Partner - Impact LIVE! - joining our well established Doug Laurie Sports Feature Partner, meaning more prizes than ever!

Winter No More!



The weather is finally looking like it's appropriate for a SPRING season of trivia instead of a WINTER one!

And we are absolutely heating up your Wednesday and Thursday evenings in Barrie and Innisfil.

Watch the video, get your Winning Advantage Question that's in it, and then sizzle with your team as you compete for prizes - Just like Maggie and Melissa did, with each winning a $50 Gift Certificate from Doug Laurie Sports.

Game time is 7pm Wednesday at Bull and Barrel Pub and 7pm Thursday at Cookstown Pub.


We had extra gift cards to give away last week - who knows what we will be giving away this week!

Prizes for skill AND luck! Translation: Fun for everyone.

And there's fun to be had on Wednesdays and on Thursdays. Close to Barrie, or in Innisfil? We've got you covered both ways.

Watch the video for this week's Winning Advantage Question, look up the answer, and get your team down to either the Bull and Barrel Pub or the Cookstown Pub - or BOTH!


Our weekly LIVE Trivia events keep getting busier and busier as the season progresses. That's not surprising given that they are FREE to join and FUN for adults of any interest or trivia ability.

By watching this video you will get a leg up on your fellow players this week. The reason? In the video you will find a Winning Advantage Question - bring the answer and your team to this week's game and that will be one game point that you will be sure to get!

Games are this Wednesday at Barrie's Bull and Barrel Pub, and this Thursday at Innisfil's Cookstown Pub. Start time is 7pm both days.

See you then!

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