Get your Winning Advantage Question in this video. Figure out the answer and bring it, along with your team, to Toronto Island Marina's Upper Deck for fun and prizes.


As Spring becomes Summer in Simcoe County, we thank our hosts, our Feature Partners, and mostly YOU our loyal players for all your support after 7 seasons.

Come out for one more week of fun mayhem!

Watch the video and answer the Winning Advantage Question that's in it. Bring the answer and your team to Wednesday's game. Please note that there is no game in Cookstown on Thursday.


Just two more weeks to go in our Spring 2019 season!

Check out the Winning Advantage question in the video and get closer to a win!

Please note that unfortunately the Cookstown LIVE Trivia game is cancelled. Barrie is going strong!

Play For Prizes



Watch the video to get your Winning Advantage Question, then play for prizes in Simcoe County this week.


Since we are fresh off of Wing Ding Wham Bam Weekend in Cookstown, and everyone is exhausted from the party, we will make it easy for you.

You don't even have to watch the video this week (but please do)

The question is in the thumbnail image!

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