Playing PubStumpers LIVE Trivia is a great opportunity to have a fun night out with your friends. Quaff a frothy pint and munch on tasty nibbles as you rock out a WIN! ‎This week Wednesday 7pm ETRdotTV & The Bull & Barrel are giving away our First Grand Prize and a superb gift from The ICEBOX Cards and Collectables Shop! We have also teamed up with Simoro Golf Links and !MPACT LIVE ‎for future prizes. Watch ETRdotTV for this week's "Winning Advantage Question" to get you that much closer to winning one of these fabulous prizes! And don't forget the $25 gift cards up for grabs courtesy of the Bull & Barrel. I will be waiting for you!‎



Come Play With Me!



Quizmaster Jennifer thanks the Bull & Barrel and our first time players who came out last Wednesday. What a great time it was for the first week of LIVE PubStumpers Trivia! We will be returning this Wednesday at 7pm for our second week of excitement! We have room for a few more teams so don't be afraid to bring your friends and colleagues of up to 6 people.  We will be giving away our first grand prize very soon so you do not want to miss out - not to mention the $25 Bull & Barrel gift cards up for grabs! Build your Brain and come out and play with us while you enjoy jolly good pub food and drink!




ETRdotTV visited the Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto recently, where we talked to eight diverse exhibitors. These people are helping to guide the way forward for the hospitality industry, with passion and commitment toward success. This video is a short trailer of content from these exhibitors. Coming soon are the complete interviews of each. Follow @ETRdotTV on Twitter to stay up to date on the release schedule for these interviews. Restaurants Canada is the voice of food service in Canada and produces an incredible annual show. This video is part of a new series of ETRdotTV @ Events and Places That Matter

Host/Producer: Jennifer Honneus

Camera/Producer: Ron Shaw

Editor/Producer: Dave Grein

Quizmaster Jennifer is bringing PubStumpers LIVE trivia to beautiful Barrie. That`s right, each Wednesday at 7pm get your teams of up to 6 people together and battle for the biggest BRAINS! The Bull & Barrel is nestled off Cedar Pointe drive near Dunlop St. West and by the 400. The cozy atmosphere and a cross-section of Canadian and traditional pub fare will surely make you feel at home. Come out, have fun, win prizes and enjoy imported and domestic beers, ales and great wines by the glass. See you this Wednesday! The Bull and Barrel - What a Real Pub Should Be.




‎Don't Miss Out! It's the Duke of Devon PubStumpers Season Finale! We are giving away the grand prize tonight for an overnight stay at One King West Hotel and Suites along with more UP Express return tickets. It's been a winning season and the big win is still to come! Thank you and thanks to our Quizmaster Diane for making trivia great again! See you tonight!

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