Welcome to our final week of LIVE ETRdotTV Trivia for 2018. This is our Grand Finale week, and we will be awarding Grand Prizes too!

Come on out to Barrie or Innisfil this week and play for a high score. Top scores get valuable gift cards, and draw winners get goodies from our Feature Partners. But first, get your Winning Advantage Question in the video.

Thank you to those Feature Partners, our Pub venues, and most of all to you our players, for a great 2018!

All the best for 2019.


There are only 2 more weeks of LIVE ETRdotTV Trivia left for the Fall 2018 season.

The Grand Finale is coming up! And, along with the Grand Finale will be the Grand Prize package that will have a value of several hundred dollars. We will be announcing what that Grand Prize will be, at this week's events in Barrie and Innisfil.

Fear not, there will also be prizes this week for you to earn with your smarts, and your good luck.

As always, check out the Winning Advantage Question in this week's  video to get you closer to a win. Bring the answer and your team to your choice of events this week.


We are excited to announce that we have added two NEW Feature Partners to our LIVE Trivia events and to our ETRdotTV Channel.

Both of these businesses are local to Simcoe County and they are well worth your patronage. Reach their websites by clicking on the links to the right of the video window. You won't be disappointed!

And you won't be disappointed playing this week's games, if you watch the video for the Winning Advantage Question. Look-up the answer and you will have a free point for your trivia team this week.

The video also has the schedule and locations for this week.


We are getting down to the wire with just 3 more weeks of LIVE Trivia in Barrie and Innisfil for the Fall 2018 season.

Our Barrie location is consistently full with teams present and playing every week. In Innisfil we have enthusiastic teams that play their hearts out regularly, but we still have room for you and your team! Come on out. You won't be disappointed. 

We play ONLY at high quality establishments that are locally owned and operated and that are consistent with the ETRdotTV philosophy of success: Independent, Innovative, and Interesting.

Before you come out watch the video to get locations and times, and look up the answer to the Winning Advantage Question. Bring the answer and your team to play this week - and get closer to a win!


We post these weekly videos because we want you to find out the answer to the Winning Advantage question that's in them, before you come to either of our Wednesday or Thursday LIVE Trivia sessions.

Last week a correct answer to the Winning Advantage question would have garnered you multiple game points. Who knows what will happen this week!

The wording of this week's question is a little tricky. It's not the "M" WORD that's naturally occurring - it's what that word denotes.

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